“Hammer of the Torah” for a true professional

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Thor's Hammer

In the legend of this weapon, in the free interpretation of screenwriters studio Marvel, there are such words. “Anyone who holds a hammer, if he is worthy – will gain the power of the Torah.” That is, the zest is not in the subject, but in the ability to use its strengths. Humorists from ThinkGeek considered this a good idea.

Thor’s hammer from ThinkGeek looks absolutely identical to the works of artists in comics and movies from Marvel. Fans can not doubt, for the use of a licensed image paid fairly. True, the hammer is lighter than the movie and there is another hammer inside it. And also a lot of other things.

Thor's Hammer

In fact, this is a box with tools, stylized as a fantasy weapon. But its content allows you to apply the “magic” of a professional locksmith who can repair anything. Here and roulette , and sets of keys and a screwdriver, a universal knife, pliers, a set of adapters, etc. Only 44 subjects.

The Torah metalwork hammer weighs about 3 kg, costs $ 99, and the impression it produces on others is priceless. It is not recommended to throw a hammer, but to pass to the place of breakdown by throwing a gun on your shoulder is very useful. To raise self-esteem and envy of others.

Thor's Hammer

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