Ilon Mask urged to ban combat robots

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Military robots have not even really begun to produce, but representatives of many companies have already written an open letter with calls to ban robot killers. Ilon Mask, the head of the DeepMind laboratory, and many others signed the appeal. After the appeal gathered a hundred with small signatures , he was sent to the UN.

The UN was going to study the issue of the distribution of autonomous war drones and other inappropriately independent and intelligent devices, but representatives of IT companies did not wait for the discussion to begin and sent a letter in advance. Self-propelled tanks, autonomous turrets and other types of weapons equipped with artificial intelligence may in the future present a serious danger, therefore the authors of the letter quite rightly fear the launch of another military revolution and arms race, during which new lethal devices threatening humanity may appear on Earth.

The essence of the letter boils down to the fact that the Convention on the Prohibition and Restriction of the Use of Certain Kinds of Weapons must be improved by including in it combat robots and other autonomous weapons, since it was quite outdated since its adoption in 1983.

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