Monade – a cozy shelter on the roof for office workers

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Designer Alice Blyton studied the living quarters for several years, located in extreme conditions – in particular, in mountain huts, submarines and underground bunkers. The result of these studies was the Monade capsule – a kind of quiet harbor on the roof of the building where office workers can for a while distract from the usual workplace bustle, enjoying the peace and quiet against the backdrop of the cityscape.

The very name – Monade – is derived from the philosophical term, meaning the smallest unit. It will be in the full sense of the word “extreme” room, attached to the edge of the roof, where you can penetrate through the hatch. The capsule is made mostly of plastic with minimal conveniences inside – a table and an office chair. Transparent walls guarantee its inhabitant a magnificent view and an abundant stream of diffused sunlight.


The project is already under implementation. With the help of the Dutch company for the production of basins, 21 capsules are made in four different configurations. True, it is not yet clear how Monade will be attached to the building, but the author of the project intends to solve this problem.

“Capsules scattered around the city,” says Alice Blyton, “will give an opportunity to look at it from different points of view, which will allow us to perceive the surrounding space in a new way. Capsules are designed primarily for office workers , giving them a place for privacy and recreation, and at the same time – to communicate with the environment. “



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