In Russia, declassified the plasma gun, which turns a cruise missile into an “invisible”

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Winged Missile Meteorite

With one of the most unique secret developments of the Soviet military-industrial complex of the 80s, the classification of secrecy was lifted. These are plasma guns produced by the NGO Mash, which were equipped with supersonic cruise missiles “Meteorite”. The gun shot by a protective plasma cloud provided the missile with overcoming enemy air defenses. The fact is that the plasma almost completely “absorbs” electromagnetic radiation from ground-based radar. In a word, our version of the technology is stealth.

Over the years, the technical capabilities of the means of detection have significantly increased and the cruise missiles “Meteorite” – already in the full sense of the word the last century. According to experts, today the guarantee of the invisibility of aircraft is hypersonic speed. A missile or fighter, flying at a speed of 6 or more Machs, find themselves in a plasma cloud without any guns. At the same time, plasma is not only a radio-absorbing protective cocoon, but also a transmitting antenna.

A declassified plasma cannon will become a teaching aid for students of Baumanka, MAI, St. Petersburg’s Voenmech and the Ural State University, the future creators of the Russian superweapon.

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