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Huawei with the new Matebook came out in its spirit: the triunity of the models D, E and X really does not work. In addition to the name, the manufacturer company and the almost inevitable combination of the Intel processor and the Windows operating system, they have little in common. There is no common design code, and the target audience is quite different.

Slim, not transformable and devoid of touch screen (!) Matebook X as a premium model, directly competing with the "simple" Macbook. A tablet with a Matebook E keyboard fastened as a direct continuer of the first Matebook business is a multimedia device, essentially a device with the possibility of business use. And large, quite powerful, with active cooling and discrete graphics (in the older version), the Matebook D is a classic desktop notebook.

# Matebook E

"Classic" for Huawei option, if you can use such a word for a second-of-its-kind device – the Matebook E, in fact, just updated and slightly differently designed Matebook 2016.

This is the most common "2 in 1" format currently available – a pretty metal tablet with a snap-on keyboard. Key differences are in the filling and the same keyboard.

The tablet is equipped with a 12-inch IPS-display with a resolution of 2160 × 1440 (216 ppi) with a 3: 2 aspect ratio. Huawei first of all boasts of its brightness – up to 400 cd / m 2 . Logical for a device that is positioned as the most mobile in the series. This is emphasized by the thickness of the tablet – 6.9 mm. Weighs the Matebook E without the keyboard-stand 640 grams.

With the keyboard, the mass grows to 1.1 kg – like a full-fledged ultrabook (a word that is gradually beginning to forget). It's pretty hard for a small cloth accessory, is not it? But the keyboard has a built-in lighting, and the stand has a hinge with many degrees of freedom – the angle of tilt can be adjusted as you please. The performance is also quite on the level, enjoying the Matebook E is nice, the keyboard with a good impact.

On the tablet body you can find the power button, volume control, mini-jack and USB Type-C port – here Matebook E gives its greater proximity to smartphones than to full-size computers. In some markets, the kit will include a docking station with adapters for USB Type-A, HDMI and VGA, as well as USB Type-C -> USB Type-A cable. In the number of these "some" markets, Russia is unlikely to get.

Built Matebook E based on the Intel Core processors of the Kaby Lake generation (note, looking ahead, like the other two models). There will be two versions: BL-W09 with Core m3 and BL-W19 with Core i5. There will also be variations in the amount of storage and RAM: 128, 256 or 512 GB (this is SSD, of course) and 4 or 8 GB of RAM. Graphics – only single-chip, Intel HD Graphics 615.

The maximum of mobility could also become the chip of the transformer in terms of the Internet, but, alas, the slot for the SIM-card in the Matebook E is not provided. But WI-Fi – dual-band (2 × 2 MIMO), the same is provided for the other two Matebooks. A built-in battery of 33.7 W · h should be enough for 9 hours of continuous video playback (with a 50 percent screen brightness and apparently disabled wireless modules).

The Matebook E will be available in three color variations: a golden (Champagne Gold) tablet with a pink or brown cover or a gray (Titanium Gray) with a gray cover. Golden brown is my favorite, it looks really great! The cost of the Matebook E will be from 999 to 1 299 euros depending on the modification.

# Matebook X

Simultaneously, the most interesting, and most literally copied from the competition model – Matebook X does not even try to pretend that does not want to be like a MacBook: here and recognizable at a glance design, and even the lack of a touch screen (mandatory, it would seem, For compact laptops on Windows). In this case, it's not bad – there was a shortage of good compact notebooks on the market without unnecessary bells and whistles. But thin and powerful enough – an audience for such gadgets will always be found.

Matebook X throws in the face impressive numbers. Thickness – 12.5 mm! Weight – 1.05 kg! 13-inch display with 2K-resolution (2160 × 1440)! Full-core Intel Core i5 or i7 (Kaby Lake) is based on passive cooling! But he takes his "Mr. X" in the first place not by the characteristics, but by what impression he produces.

Metal, glass, extreme fineness and no originality, but it looks beautiful and is executed very cool. Colors: of course, gold and silver, as well as pink – in this color, the Matebook X manages to look great too. This is probably the nicest pink laptop I've ever seen. In 2017, when thin laptops on Windows found it was not so easy – just a balm for the soul. Which, of course, diluted, not even a drop of tar, but whole glasses of tears over the price. From 1 399 to 1 699 euros! Severely.

For this money, you do get not only a laptop, but also (surprise!) A docking station with a USB Type-C to USB Type-A, VGA and HDMI. After all, on a thin case, nothing but two (and yet – learn, Apple!) USB Type-C and one mini-jack is not.

The Matebook X is the first slim notebook with Dolby Atmos on board. Two speakers are built into the top panel, above the full-sized keyboard. And on the side of them – the power button with built-in fingerprint scanner. Where without it.

This is perhaps the main of the three today's announcements – Huawei devoted much more time to it than the other two. But, judging by the price, he needs the Chinese for image purposes – "Look how we can!". Statement that Huawei comes to the notebook market seriously. Well, we believe, a really great gadget.

# Matebook D

The most unexpected novelty of Huawei is the full-size Matebook D laptop, which looks rather embarrassing in the background of its "brothers": a massive plastic computer that does not even try to pretend to be portable. Business classics.

The main chip lies in the older versions of the Matebook D – PL-W19 and PL-W29 carry not only Intel Core i5 / i7 generation Kaby Lake, but also discrete graphics – NVIDIA GeForce 940MX. Not a god news, but a Huawei laptop with discrete graphics? You really expected this? Very good.

Since nothing is too tight in terms of thickness, it is possible to turn around and with storage devices – a huge amount of variations: from a 256-gigabyte SSD or 500-gigabyte hard drive to a combination of a terabyte HDD with a 128-gigabyte "flash drive". You can also get a lot of RAM: from 4 to 16 GB.

The display is a quite ordinary LCD diagonal of 15.6 inches with Full HD-resolution. Records on brightness are not promised – up to 250 cd / m 2 . But there are unexpectedly thin frames around the screen – this is exactly what Matebook D looks like on the background of business laptops from the last decade. Well, a fingerprint scanner built into the power button.

True, instead of a boring black Matebook D is offered in gray (Space Gray), golden (Champaigne Gold) and blue (Aurora Blue) versions.

Three USB Type-A (one – 2.0, two – 3.0) and full-sized HDMI fit on the case. Cooling in the version with a discrete graphics card, of course, is active.

Huawei again boasts of cooperation with Dolby – but no serious feats from laptops without a subwoofer can not wait. Although they sound good: loud, there are some low frequencies, you do not even expect this from such devices.

Together with laptops, Huawei showed its own wireless mice that work successfully on a glass surface

A built-in 43.3Wh battery should be enough for 8.5 hours of Full HD video playback at half the brightness of the screen. The adapter, like for the Matebook X, is not large, you do not have to carry a brick with you.

This is the most inexpensive of the presented Matebooks: from 799 to 999 euros depending on the modification.

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