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Ultrabooks ASUS Zenbook always had an elegant slim body, but the thirteen-inch model ASUS Zenbook UX305F on this indicator is beaten into the clear leaders. The thickness of the case of this laptop is almost a millimeter less than the new MacBook Air. And this despite the fact that the latter refers to the twelve-inch models, while the hero of our review can boast a diagonal of the display of thirteen inches. But the mass is almost three hundred grams more, but everything is clear – physics can not be fooled. However, the extra weight was beneficial to the specifications of the ultrabook, and along with the diagonal of the display increased to 13.3 inches, the device also received a sufficiently large battery.

# Package Contents

The novelty comes in a small box of very dense cardboard, decorated in dark tones with a predominance of black. Inside the box, in soft foam inserts, the notebook and accessories are carefully packed:

  • power adapter with a non-removable power cable;
  • the case-folder;
  • napkin for wiping the screen;
  • short adapter USB↔RJ-45;
  • a brief guide to getting started.

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<p> The presence in the complete set of a cover, moreover and made of a strong synthetic material, reliably protecting the contents from scratches and chips, can be immediately recorded in the list of advantages. But the power adapter for one of the thinnest ultrabooks in the world could be smaller. It should also be noted that the USB-VGA adapter in the box with the ASUS Zenbook UX305F, available in other ASUS Zenbook models, is not found, as there is no separate cover for accessories. </p>
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# Specifications

Approximate price *, rubles Approximate price *, rubles


ASUS Zenbook UX305F
The processor Intel Core M-5Y71 1.2 GHz
The graphic controller Intel HD Graphics 5300 (GT2)
Display There are currently no product reviews. IPS, 13.3 inches, FHD (1920 × 1080)
Operational memory 4 GB (4 × 8 GB), LPDDR3-1600 (800 MHz)
The data storage system 1 × SSD M.2, 256 GB,

Micron M600 MTFDDAV256MBF, SATA 6Gbps
Optical drive Here you can confirm the accuracy of the information specified in the description. Out of stock
The connector of flash cards SD / SDHC / SDXC
Interfaces 3 × USB 3.0

1 × RJ-45 (via USB adapter)

1 × Micro-HDMI

1 × jack 3.5 mm (audio output / audio input)
Wi-Fi There are no translations available. 802.11ac
Bluetooth 4.0
The network adapter Here you can confirm the accuracy of the information specified in the description. 10/100/1000 Mbps (via USB adapter)
The sound of the Conexant CX20751 / 2 High Definition Audio
Additionally Web camera (720p CMOS)
The food The battery is non-removable lithium-polymer,

45 W · h (3830 mAh, 11.4 V)

External power adapter,

45 W (2.37 A, 19 V)
The size, mm The size, 324 × 226 × 12.3
Weight, kg 1,2 (with battery)
Operating system software Windows 8.1
The official manufacturer's warranty 36 months 64,599

* The average price of the "Yandex.Market" at the time of writing.

The model ASUS Zenbook UX305F is available in several versions, differing in the processor, the size of the solid-state drive and the display. The latter may have a resolution of either QHD + (3200 × 1080) or FHD (1920 × 1080) as in our case.

The information on the processor and a set of microcircuits

At the heart of the new ultrabook is the Intel Broadwell-Y platform with a dual-core Intel Core M-5Y71 processor running at a base clock speed of 1.2 GHz and increasing in Turbo Boost mode to 2.9 GHz. The processor is manufactured using 14-nanometer technology and is characterized by the extremely low heat-carrier TDP of 4.5 W. Thanks to this, the entire SoC Broadwell-Y series is designed primarily for tablets. Well, their use in ultrabukah allows you to significantly reduce the thickness of the body by saving on the dimensions of the cooling system, which we can observe in the case of the ASUS Zenbook UX305F. It should be noted that this ultrabook is also produced with a less efficient Intel Core M-5Y10 processor running at a base clock frequency of 0.8 GHz, which in Turbo Boost mode can increase to 2.0 GHz.

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Memory Information

Broadwell-Y processors have a dual-channel DDR3 memory controller. In our ultrabook, four low-power DDR3-1600 chips Samsung K4E8E304EE-EGCE with the capacity of 1 GB each are uninstalled right on the motherboard.

 Information about discrete video adapters "width =" 375 "/> </a>
<p> As an graphics adapter in the ASUS Zenbook UX305F is an integrated solution of Intel HD Graphics 5300 (GT2), operating at a clock speed of up to 900 MHz (the base value is 100 MHz). The adapter works with OpenCL 2.0 and DirectX 11.2 technologies. Separately it is worth noting the possibility of hardware decoding of H.265 and simultaneous work with three displays. The maximum resolution at the same time can reach 3840 × 2160 pixels. In the tested Ultrabook there is only one video output of Micro-HDMI. </p>
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Information on the disk subsystem

According to the official specification, the disk subsystem ASUS Zenbook UX305F can be represented by SSD modules with a capacity of 128, 256 or 512 GB. In our copy, we installed the M600 MTFDDAV256MBF module from the company Micron Technology with a capacity of 256 GB of M.2 form factor with a SATA 6 Gbit / s interface. It can boast a declared reading speed of 560 MB / s and a recording of 510 MB / s. By default, the disk space of the ASUS Zenbook UX305F is represented by two sections in an approximate ratio of 43 and 57% of the total disk space.

The notebook is equipped with a reader for flash memory cards format SD (XC / HC). The audio system is represented by the not too common Conexant CX20751 / 2 module, which works with HD Audio. To connect the headphones and microphone to the laptop, a 3.5 mm jack connector is used. There is no optical S / P-DIF output. Well, to output sound on the notebook itself, there are simple stereo speakers. A wired gigabit network from the ASUS Zenbook UX305F can be arranged only with the USB adapter included in the package. Ultrabook itself is equipped with a dual-band module Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 form factor M.2, which includes controllers Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0.

A rechargeable lithium polymer battery is built into the case. Its passport capacity is 45 Wh / h (3830 mAh, 11.4 V). The actual capacity at full charge was 43.9 Wh / h. To charge the battery, as well as to operate the laptop from the network, a power adapter with an output power of 45 W (2,37 A, 19 V) is used.

# Design and ergonomics

The appearance of the ASUS Zenbook UX305F remained traditional, the same as with most models in the line of ultrabooks ASUS Zenbook. The thin metal case of our sample is made in the dark gray color of Obsidian Stone with a light purple tint. Also on sale this ultrabook can be found in the light coloring Ceramic Alloy. As with other ASUS Zenbook ultrabooks, the cover of the novelty contains hardly noticeable concentric circles around the central company logo. There are no other decor elements for the ASUS Zenbook UX305F.

The highlight of the case is its thickness, which does not exceed 12.3 mm. It weighs a bit – 1.2 kg – and all this together turns the UX305F into one of the most easily transported ultrabooks. The thickness of the case for the ASUS Zenbook UX305F turned out to be 0.8 mm less than the maximum value of this parameter for the new MacBook Air.

As with other ultrabooks, the ASUS Zenbook UX305F does not have access hubs for access to internal components. In order to get to them, you have to remove the bottom panel of the case by unscrewing all screws on the bottom panel, including two screws that are hidden under a pair of legs glued next to the hinge cover of the Ultrabook.

There is no free space inside the case of the ASUS Zenbook UX305F at all. Each element of its filling is strictly adjusted to the next. Well, the main area is, of course, a rechargeable battery, which can be replaced by almost anyone.

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