VETR PANL1 – absolutely flat audio speakers made of carbon fiber

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Speakers VETR PANL1

In August of this year, absolutely flat table columns VETR PANL1 will appear on the market. At the heart of the columns lie thin 1.3-mm panels of intertwined carbon fiber, which provide the speakers with crystal clear and powerful sound.

For comparison: a pair of conventional speakers has an average of 17 square inches of surface for sound reproduction. The total surface area of ​​PANL1 is as much as 132. Also, standard speakers have 20 watts of output power per channel. The development of VETR offers 48 watts.

To ensure maximum sound quality, the company-developer recommends to purchase in addition to the speakers a subwoofer of its own design. Its task is to assume the reproduction of low bass frequencies, which will complement the frequency spectrum of the speakers. In general, VETR guarantees sound quality at the level of audiophile Hi-Fi systems with a maximum output of up to 115 dB.

Speakers VETR PANL1

The basic characteristics of the speakers are the frequency range from 48 to 20000 Hz, 48 watts of output power per channel, dimensions of 27 × 15 × 10 cm. (10 centimeters is the length of the steel stand). The subwoofer has a power of 60 W and has dimensions of 25 × 27 × 25 cm.

A complete set of delivery from VETR at a cost of 399 $ includes:

  • 2 speakers;
  • subwoofer / amplifier;
  • power cable;
  • 3.5 AUX cable;
  • cable adapter RCA-3.5 mm;

For enthusiasts who supported the project on Kickstarter, the price of such a kit will be $ 299.

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