The world’s first sneakers with the addition of graphene will go on sale in 2018

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Scientists of the National Institute of Graphene at Manchester University in conjunction with the famous British manufacturer of high-tech equipment for outdoor activities INOV-8 developed a sole for sneakers with the addition of graphene.

According to the developers, the graphene outsole will have an unprecedented degree of adhesion to the ground and wear resistance.

“Graphene makes it more durable when added to rubber in the G-series shoes of INOV-8,” says the material scientist at Manchester University, Aravind Vijayaragavan. “Our unique formulation makes these soles 50% stronger, more resilient and more resistant to wear compared to shoes on a simple rubber sole.”

Sneakers on graphene soles will be on sale in 2018.

The unique material continues its triumphal march across the world, conquering all new territories. In his “track record” sensitive microphones, road surfaces, sandals that provide cool feet in hot weather – and this is only a tiny part of where graphene managed to “mark” .

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